“I asked Murray for help because I knew that I had a major bottleneck in my business. The growth of our business was limited because I was the one doing all the work. I knew I had to somehow step aside although I was trapped and had no clear vision as to where I could make changes to free my time. Murray very quickly helped me to see the problem in a different light. This was a liberating experience and I have conservatively saved at least 30% of the time I was spending in the business. I can now spend that time on the things, which I really enjoy”. Gary Fumeaux,

If you’ve been searching for the key that unlocks the hidden money in your business, then you’ve picked up the right book at the right time. Here’s why…

In The Great Business Shape-Up Murray Priestley proves once and for all that the true value in your business begins with you and the way you think. Murray’s practical style takes you on a journey… giving you the keys to building tremendous value into your business and creating a much more rewarding lifestyle.

Are you ready to start thinking like an investor when it comes to your business? The Great Business Shape-Up takes thought provoking ideas and lessons from both successful and turnaround situations and boils them down to easy practical steps you can implement in your own business.


  • The 4 easy steps to growing your business
  • The first thing you must do to build a business worth selling
  • The 5-step plan that clarifies your thinking and gives you laser focus making it easy to get what you want
  • The biggest obstacle standing between you, your business and cashing out for a large multiple
  • 10 Simple strategies to boost the value of your business
  • And much more!

Murray Priestley brings out the power within you to change your life and business and place you firmly on the path to maximum profits.

“…not only does he have a brilliant mind, strategic in how to run businesses, how to productise, widgetise and how you can speed up the process of getting things done faster in my business. The Autopilot process that we went through will end up saving us $110,000. That’s huge and it gives me time to concentrate on other areas of the business.” Barbara Kotwal, Revealed Resources

Murray Priestley, author, advisor, director and business owner, has a passion to bring out the best in businesses.  He is a highly effective and engaging speaker and business acceleration advisor.  Murray is a partner in a rapid growth private equity investing firm in Asia.

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